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Display Mobile
(Capacity 1000 sheets)



Tel: +65 6250 6538 /
+65 6741 6013
Fax: +65 6742 8842
Email: sales@secured.com.sg

Why Vistaplan ?

VISTAPLAN is a stylish and efficient filing system, consisting of specialty designed lightweight hangers mounted on either fixed or mobile supports. Vistaplan can help solve filing and display problems in the following ways:

1. ECONOMY. Sheets do need to be punched or taped - thus saving time and money.

2. VERSATILITY. Hangers are equally suitable for filing or displaying drawings, charts, circuit diagrams, fabrics, newspapers, etc., and can accommodate a mixture of sheet sizes.

3. SPACE SAVING. 2,000 sheets can be filed per square metre of floor space.

4. ACCESSIBILITY. Hangers are simple to load, and identification is easy.

5. MOBILITY. Sheets can be taken to where they are required - on site, office, conference room, etc.

6. Flexibility. Vistaplan systems can be built up as needs grow, without making earlier purchases obsolete.


(Open completely flat for easy operation)




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