Vistaplan Drawing Filing System

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The unique Vistaplan hanger is specifically designed to provide a simple yet effective system of filing large numbers of drawings. Equally at home in the office or on site this strong lightweight aluminium design offers the following:
  • Hangers are available in five lengths to accommodate all popular drawing sizes including most CAD drawings and plots.
  • Powerful clamping hinges together with the special grip detail on the rail ensures each hanger has a capacity of up to 100 sheets, depending on weight and thickness.
  • Hangers can accommodate mixed sheet sizes and materials making them ideal for project work.
  • For reference purposes individual sheets can be flipped through like the pages of a book without the need to open the hanger.
  • No planstrips are required and sheets already fitted with planstrips can be accommodated.
  • A master hanger is available with two locating pegs to accommodate drawings already fitted with planstrips or held in a protective wallet.
  • Sturdy end blocks fitted to each hanger also act as holders for the titling strips supplied which are protected by clear snap-in plastic covers.
  • All systems are finished in an attractive textured grey epoxy powder coated finish.

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The Vistaplan hanger has been designed to meet the demand of today's drawing storage requirements and is suitable for use in the office as well as on site.

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Hanger with Handle
This hanger has all the features of the standard hanger and is fitted with a handle for ease of carrying.

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Master Hanger
This hanger is fitted with two locating pegs at 364mm centres. It will accommodate drawings already fitted with planstrip but is particularly suited for drawings that require protecting in a plastic wallet.

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Junior Planman
This wall mounted unit is supplied with 2 A1 or A0 hangers giving a capacity of up to 100 sheets. Ideal as a small filing system or visual display, the Junior is compatible with other hanger systems allowing it to be used as a personal reference point.

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Wall Carrier
This wall unit is suitable for situations where a permanent filing location is required and particularly if space is at a premium. Each unit is provided with a choice of wall fixing centres making it suitable for both site and office use. Accommodating 10 hangers with a capacity of up to 500 sheets, this unit is available is 5 sizes.

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Wall Display Carrier
This front loading wall unit ensures hangers can be easily removed and replaced. Each hanger pivots to allow easy reference to its contents and the top forms a useful shelf. Accommodating 10 hangers with a capacity of up to 500 sheets, any one size or a mixture of hanger sizes can be stored.

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A2 Pedestal Carrier
This carrier is designed to accommodate A2 drawings landscape and can be stored under a desk or workstation. It holds 10 A1 hangers with a capacity of up to 800 sheets.

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Trolley Carrier
This high capacity mobile stand maximises the number of drawings stored per square metre of floor space. Accommodating 20 hangers with a capacity of up to 2000 sheets, this unit is available in 5 sizes.

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Mobile Display Carrier
This unit ensures hangers can be easily removed and replaced. Each hanger pivots to allow reference to its contents. Fitted with quality castors the unit can be easily moved to where it is required. Accommodating 20 hangers with a capacity of up to 1500 sheets, any one size or a mixture of hanger sizes can be stored.

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Front Loading Trolley Carrier
This front loading mobile trolley unit accommodates 20 hangers with handles of mixed sizes. Hangers can be easily removed or replaced giving a capacity of approximately 1500 sheets. Note: Front loading trolley carrier will only accommodate hangers with handles.

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