High Security Padlocks

High Security Padlocks
KA or Keyed-aliked Padlocks
KA & MK Padlocks
Marine and Anti-spark Padlocks
Combination Padlocks
Bicycle & Bike Locks
Hasps & Staples
Euro Profile Cylinders
Door Locks & Door Fittings
Drawing Filing Systems
Drawing Boards
Rim & Bar Locks
Window & French Door Locks
Key Cabinets


High Security Padlocks

88 Series and 37 Series

83 Series

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High Security padlocks are designed to meet stringent standards and requirement are as follows:

  • Maximum resistance against picking and manipulation.

  • Hardened shackle and lock body to resist sawing, levering, chiseling, hammering, twisting and cutting.

  • Double bolted shackle for high tensile and torque strength.

  • Shackle guard to prevent bolt cutter attack.

EC Requirement for Padlocks

Popular MK / KA keying system

MK / KA keying system means a customised master key is provided to open or  operate two or more groups of key-aliked padlocks.

We will maintain and extend the MK / KA keying system as and when you require for your convenience.

This MK / KA keying system will be cheaper to operate in long term and enhance convenience.

Keying Systems available

  1. Keyed different padlock
    Every padlock comes with two keys which can unlock that padlock only

  2. Keyed-aliked padlocks
    A group e.g. ten padlocks comes with the same key that can unlock that particular group of padlocks

  3. Master-keyed padlocks
    Every padlock e.g. ten padlocks comes with two keys that cannot unlock among each other but the master key is designed to unlock all that group of padlocks

  4. Keyed-aliked cum master-keyed padlocks
    Two or more groups of keyed-aliked padlocks e.g. ten in each group and the master key is designed to unlock two or more keyed-aliked groups of padlocks

  5. Grand master-key
    A key is designed to unlock two or more groups of master-keyed padlocks

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